Lucy Review

Before watching the movie Lucy, I had heard that it was not very good. I had hoped that was not true because the concept sounded so amazing, but my hopes had soon diminished. Whilst watching Lucy, I found very many things that were wrong with this movie. In a broad sense, I found the movie to be quite juvenile.

Throughout the movie there are clips of nature and special effects thrown in with the storyline. Although I could understand the thought behind it, the execution was done poorly. The transitions seemed choppy, making the clips distract and confuse the audience, rather than helping the story progress. Most of the graphics included were also not great. It was entirely obvious that they were generated on a computer, instead of looking as believable as possible. There were also some unnecessary images that were more disturbing than anything else.

The movie seemed overly dramatic at times. In the very beginning, Lucy seemed very whiny to me. Of course she is allowed some sort of struggle in her situation, being captured and forced into being a drug mule, but it still felt very repetitive and was not very convincing.

Although the movie it self was a let down, the concepts in it were great. The idea of time as units instead of numbers, which humans created, was very refreshing. I was intrigued by the concept of cells reproducing extremely fast when someone can access more of their brain, but then decreasing at that same rate.

In the end, the movie seemed somewhat predictable and wasn’t made well. I was bummed that the movie fell flat, because it had so much potential to become a wonderful movie. I would rate Lucy a 2 out of 5 stars.

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