Marked by Kristin Cast and P. C. Cast

This book was truly and utterly boring. There was absolutely no intriguing mystery or adventure. At about page 200 the author, finally, puts in a very small amount of subject that is, at all, interesting. But, it is still way too slow and uninteresting. The first two-thirds of the book are just babble on a page. Not to mention the extremely immature language used in this book that completely stops the flow of reading; the author chooses to use words such as “poopie”. Seriously, doesn’t that bother anyone else besides me? I was bummed, too, because this book sounded so good; it had so much potential. It didn’t live up to the hype made by friends who’ve read the series and the intruiging summary. The idea of being marked to become a fledgling (va

mpire in training) and have to leave your whole life and start a new one sounded like a great book. It probably could have been if the writer would have been more adventurous and had made a true plot for the story. There seemed to be nothing happening in the book; I felt there could have been so much more action in a novel like this. It felt to me that the author spent too much time in the exposition of the book, and they forgot that there has to be a climax to the story line. Overall, the book lacked action, even though it had so much potential, and the writing was too immature for my taste.

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