St. Vincent Review

St. Vincent was such an amazing movie. The relationships between Vincent (Bill Murray), Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher), Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) were so real. The acting was astounding, to say the least. The characters stopped being characters and became people who I felt a genuine connection with. I was blown away by all of the actors, but I would like to mention Jaeden Lieberher. He was perfectly fit for the role of Oliver and he added so much to the storyline.

The story itself was extremely well done. It encompassed comedy and life in a perfect balance. By the end, everyone in the room was tearing up because of how heartwarming the conclusion was. While watching, you become invested in the story and the people.

The story flowed perfectly, with beautiful camera shots, wonderful sets, and amazing actors. I would recommend St. Vincent to anyone who is interested in watching a great movie. Whether you’ve already seen it, or you haven’t had the joy of watching it yet, you should see this amazing film. I would rate St. Vincent a 5 out of 5 stars.

1 thought on “St. Vincent Review

  1. I like that Melissa McCarthy went serious. She’s a fine actress and I really like her and Murray. Good review.

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